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I understand how hectic it is to sell a house, and it can be difficult if it's not handled properly. Below is a step-by-step of what to expect when selling your home.

1. Stage your home

Holding off selling during a “buyer’s market’ when there are too many homes for sale and not enough buyers is ideal. You can increase the appeal of your house by doing renovations, fresh paint, and decluttering.

2. Hire an agent

Your agent will act as your representative and negotiate on your behalf. Real estate may seem like a simple business, but really it’s not. Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you, and | assure you we will do it safely, protecting your financial future as well as your health.

3. List your home

This is the step where the ‘For Sale’ sign shows up on your property! First, your agent will value your home and set a price. They will also compile a market data report comparing your home price to similar listings in the area. There will be open house appointments as well to showcase the potential of your home to various individuals.

4. Evaluate offers

Not all offers are equal, and that’s where an experienced agent with strong negotiation skills comes in. They will help you understand the terms and conditions. If there is something in the offer that isn’t suitable, your agent will conduct counter offers and negotiations on your behalf.

5. Close your home

There will be closing costs associated with the sale that need to be paid by/on the closing date. These can include inspections and legal fees. Once they are taken care of, you can pass your old keys to the new owners.

Find out your home value

If you have any questions, let’s talk. Let me put my experience and knowledge to work for you.


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